Greetings from the President of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM)

Marina Lindic

It is a great honour to welcome you all to the IFPSM World Summit and to the fascinating country of Indonesia on the 18th -21st of October 2022. The IFPSM World Summit has developed to become a unique meeting place for Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals from all over the world to share expertise and knowledge.

In September 2019 the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) hosted with great success the IFPSM World Summit 2019 in Mombasa. Now it’s time to move to the Asia Pacific continent. Indonesian Procurement Professionals Association (IAPI) has generously offered to organize and host the IFPSM World Summit 2022 in Indonesia. I am confident that IAPI will deliver a unique experience for national and international delegates. We truly believe the World Summit will capture and illustrate the unique nature of our global Federation (IFPSM) and the profession.

I am thrilled that we are delivering three days of exciting and informative presentations. The top international keynote speakers, along with different tracks will provide a marvellous opportunity to take back the latest insights to your local association and own organisation. The theme of the World Summit 2022 is “Leading Transformation Through Disruptive Innovations”.

In December 2019 Mr. He Liming finished his three years term as IFPSM President. I would sincerely like to thank Mr. He for his remarkable contribution in past years!

I was deeply honoured to be elected as your President and wish IFPMS to become an even bigger and stronger international family of purchasing and supply chain experts.

IFPSM aims to increase activities in the future aligned with our mission: “To increase the ability of IFPSM’s network of member associations to connect and to collaborate, thereby enabling them to be more effective in serving our members and the profession”. We can achieve this only through developing and sharing the best practices of the purchasing and supply chain management, wherever it is practiced, through our network of members. The World Summit, where many hundreds of individuals from different nations meet, offers a great platform to achieve this goal by learning and sharing from each other. I would strongly encourage all IFPSM member associations to support even their younger members to participate in the World Summit 2022 and offer them the opportunity to build up their expertise and professional network in the global setting.

IFPSM wishes to expand our circle of purchasing and supply chain experts and therefore warmly welcome you to take part in our activities. Along with international and interesting keynotes and presentations, IFPSM Council meeting and workshop will be held in conjunction with the conference. I am warmly inviting you all to take part in these events and learn more about the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management.

I wish you all a busy, enjoyable and productive World Summit and please ensure that you fully embrace the wonderful culture and vibrancy of Indonesia.